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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!!

Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!!

Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques, we are always buying, single items or collections.

Newest Additions

Newest Additions

Com-Bloc Cold War Era Pole Top
Price: $35.00

Item #65200
US WWI 478 Aero Squadron SSI
Price: $12.00

Item #64866
US WWI Era, Wagoner Rate
Price: $50.00

Item #62557
US WWI Army Coastal Artillery Rate
Price: $10.00

Item #3611
US WWI, Band Leader Chevron 1918-1920
Price: $25.00

Item #48329
US WWI Musician Rate, Khaki Cotton
Price: $15.00

Item #40131
US WWII Guam Command SSI
Price: $20.00

Item #65616
German WWII DAF Stickpin
Price: $20.00

Item #22580
British WWI Era Enlisted Pill Box Cap
Price: $150.00

Item #65585
Bavarian 25 Loyal Service Medal
Price: $25.00

Item #65596

News and Announcements

News and Announcements

Phoenix Militaria Show, May 25th 2024
Phoenix Militaria Show, come see some old friends, and make some new ones. Always a fun and friendly show.

Arizona Orders & Medals Research Society Meeting Invitation
Interested parties are invited to attend the next meeting of the Arizona Chapter of the Orders & Research Society. This is an organization dedicated to the scholarly research of World Orders and Medals and the men and women who earned them.

Our next meeting will be held Saturday, March 9th 2024, At the Old Spaghetti Factory, 1418 North Central Ave, Phoenix Az 85004, 602-257-0380

We hope to see all in attendance, with a welcome to all visitors.
We always meet around 12pm prior to the beginning of our meetings, for a short swap, tall-tale session, with the meeting itself starting at 1:00 pm, and ending around 3:00 pm,

The Arizona Chapter OMRS, is at present, the only US chapter, having received our charter in 2015. The courtesy of an RSVP is encouraged, which can be accomplished by contacting our office at 928-641-4313. All with an interest in history, who enjoy the study of past campaigns and historical events via the collecting of orders and medals, are very welcome to attend.

New Inventory at Stewart's Military Antiques
Terri and I are pleased to announce the arrival of a variety of British Campaign Medals, headgear and insignia, all purchased from the same collection assembled by a long-time collector friend. A number of these items were previously sold by SMA and are now once more available. We will be adding the remainder of the collection over the coming weeks. Shown here is the QSA & KSA of 6749 Pte. R. McKenzie, Gordon Highlanders.